Society's Women.


Told every single day
by what is portrayed in media & on TV,
to look a certain way.


There's only 3 options for us females:
Be 'alone' and free, 
attractive and dense, or buy into retail. 


Being seduced by bright items around us;
To wait for man on bended knee - 
and do what he demands without a fuss. 


Let it be known that I am my own person.
No one is allowed to push and pull me. 
But under current circumstancs, life of strong females can only worsen. 


No! Nobody can shout with glee.
What I present in this moment is a simple plea. 
Whether just two or eighty-three,
the sexes should be equal, to which I agree.


We were made the same, so what's the difference?
Just let me be me, a proud feminist. 


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