Society's Song

Society’s Song


Society is madness.

Society is unpredictable like an unseen condom hole.

Society will point fingers on people to save his ass.

Society is heartless.

Society will watch you burn for your sexual orientation.

Society will beat you down for being different.

Society is chaos.

Society will throw shade like a rainy day.

Society will pull up his game like fuckboy planning to break a girl’s heart.

Society is an invisible ruler.

Society needs to be ruled by humans, but instead, we choose to be his puppet.

Society will fuck your mind and tells you that you are too weak to win this battle.

Society is so powerful.

Society will do the moonwalk on your soul while you are giving your last heartbeat.

Society will make people capture your misery while you are seeking help.

Society is a drug.

Society will make you high with bad lucks.

Society will make you drunk of hopeless desires.

Society is fake.

Society in a perfect world will feel like being in heaven.

Society in a fair world will give justice to innocent people.

Society is like a when they see, they will know.

Society’s song is a reflection of how us, humans, are so pathetic.


Annael Julien



This poem is about: 
Our world


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