Society's Puppet



 My mind is not always my own.It's a state of mentality—I've got strings tied to my arms, legs, and head—A social construct of reality.  Everywhere I look:Ads, commercials, billboards“Do this, do that.”No eyes facing towards;The future is dark.  Who really gives a shit which soda is better?Wow. That's zero calories?Ever heard of a little something called exercise?Everyone is so high, so strung up worried about their salaries;No time to go outside.  Excuse me miss, the light is green.Can't you spare a minute looking past your compact mirror?Scratch that.I can see the glow of that smart phone in your lap.Who knows what you're looking at,Whether it be a text or some Internet crap.Eyes glued to the screen like some kind of addiction,Welcome to social media,The world's latest affliction.  Our minds have become desensitizedTo the real world with its drugs, obesity, sex, oppression and inequalityWhat, you got ADD?Well, there's a pill for that.What, you got drunk?Well, there's an app for that.  Tell me what to do,Tell me where to go,What should my next meal be.That this is what I should look like cause a 130 lbs is a 130 lbs of fat,And I'm overweight compared to that anorexic bimboWho is now the definition of beauty.  You may hate me because I'm yellow.You may hate them because they're white.You may expect more out of me because I'm a woman—and Asian.Not only am I supposed to be smart but I must look sexy while doing anything.What's up with this messed up ideal image?  Discrimination is everywhere.Racism is all over.There is just one human race,No matter the color of the face.  Of the world in which I live,People judge me by the color of my skin.But you know what? Screw that.You cannot always consider yourself so grand,And compare people to the dirt on which you stand.  I've got strings tied—Don't tell me flaws are not reality.To my arms—And next I'll be told racism and hegemony is not an actuality.Legs—That digital everything will make me smarter.And head—Orthat appearances can be “cured.” I will no longer be society's puppet. 



The text is so messed up and I can't fix it....any ideas? The poem doesn't usually look like this.

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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