Society's Own Status Quo



The struggles we refuse to see lie in the eyes of spoil and greed

The genocide we refuse to face is the product of ignorance in the human race

We "like" photos of women on Instagram who sell their souls to marry a rich man

We praise those who laugh at our being because we do not match their financial means

We long to live a life worth filming, to have our face on a big city building

But still, we are too dumb to see, we sell our souls for misery

What is happiness to a human? Is it the same for an American as a Cuban?

America has this "dream" it sells, fame, fortune, and living well

But is it all the same for those, who struggle to find some decent clothes?

Do we reap what we sew? Do we really learn as we grow?

We base our lives on the views of others

Subtly in competition with one another

Living for them, never for us

Ignoring the wrath of our inner disgust

We condone what we do because we feel it is the way to live

Society's own status quo seems as though it cannot be undid Poetry Slam



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