Society is lost,

Sat, 07/04/2015 - 13:24 -- MC Fish

Society is lost,

but at what cost,

What withers a heart breaking into a million tiny pieces

Like a tear falling from your eye,



No one is there and you cry hoping someone out there in the wilderness.

That someone would hear you, and get you out of your life, that it is currently in a mess.

You are emotionally and psychically tired

They look you in the eye and no longer see the fire

that you once possess because it has been invaded by anger

As you put on your jeans that used to say Wrangler

People, who used to be friends, disappear like a fog draws out. Just only their shadow


So, here you are now

Fighting to live, because tomorrow would be better if you can survive today

But it seems that life gets in its own way

to tried presents happy endings to those who wait

There is no one willing to date

if you don't love the person you are

it does not matter how much you care

because the world stripped you bare,

Don't you dare

point your finger at me!

I can look at you and see

what kind of person you don't want to show the world, because its ugly. As you are telling yourself lies that you are beautiful

and I am truly am a wonderful

human being. I can't believe how blind I really was.


So who is left in the audience to give me applause

No one. that's who

It's time that I got a fucking clue

To see love was right there, but it decide to commit suicide in front of me.

Time for me to get my degree

in Love, I am not going to stop looking and continue to built the pieces to the best person I could be.

Start by loving, who else than with me

Society is lost

but at what cost

if it lose a bright mind.

One day the stars would align

that I would find one true love and I lived happily ever after. That is the end

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