Society has broken me


United States
29° 26' 40.6284" N, 97° 23' 41.5752" W

My Spirit is running away from me.

He can’t take the rules any more.

Society is breaking him.

What did you expect?

Having no power.

He Flees.


They apply too much pressure to him.

Can you guess what that makes me?

A meek and apathetic faux pas.

That is what you are.

Without a spirit.

Like Me.


He and I have no power in this world.

To affect our situations what so ever.

We can’t become who we truly are.

We cannot do anything.

No we can’t.

Not Yet.




If you want to see more of my poetry, Xenon is my real username this is just one that my parents can gawk at so if your looking for more check out Xenon.

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