Society Around Me


United States

Man ol Man... This is what I feel I look like. Can it be the big flat nose that I have on my round flat face or my broad shoulders on my 5'5 back. Stares are all around me is this what they see.. When I look into the mirror all I see is this beautiful picture... Of me... Why is it I feel this way?? Why do I feel in my head society portrays me as a man?? Can the media be leading society into a world of false consciousness?? You see makeup covers all flaws and imperfections, Photoshop makes you look stunning, as for hair depending on what type you feel fabulous, and cosmetic surgery you have a new attitude. Does this mean that society now focuses on look instead of wealth and status? My mind is hinting to see a rhinoplasty surgeon.. With this outcome can I look like the next Kim K or even Beyonce... Society around me this is what they see... a lady trying to fix herself.. a lady trying to please.. Its sad if your not comfortable with what you came into this world with... But if the shoe fits do what you have to do to get your mind out of what everyone else is thinking and be grateful of your living.. Society around me mentally I choose not too look like a man society stares and talks but I now know I must stand and walk with my head up high in the sky and forget about all the other evil eyes...

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