Why am I here?

Im tired of being another reflection in your mirror.

You tell me not to care what other people think,

Yet my whole job is to please you.


You say it will be worth it;

That it is for my own good.

If it is, then why am I dying inside?

My spirit used to be lit,

but the more I look around, the more I feel unfit


With every word I write and every book I read,

I feel myself slipping away,

I become another member of this obedient breed,

Slipping away from who I was meant to be. 

I'm comforming.

I'm morphing.


The longer I am forced to see the reflection

The harder it is to look away.

As I'm forced to look forward

I forget who I want to be.

I begin to see who you want me to be;

Eventually, that is the only me i see:

Your reflection is the new me.









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