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If I could change one thing about society,I don’t know what I’d do. Everybody is always telling me,‘Change starts with you!’ Well, I can’t fix our climate, Or gain world peace. I can’t make everyone rich.If I did, it’d soon decrease! It would flow from their pockets,Green gusts of wind. Houses, cars, boats, yachts,It would never end! I can’t solve all homelessness, Keeping people off the streets.I can’t feed everyoneWith a hot meal to eat. I can’t mend the broken relationshipsEvery girl and guy go through. Fix their broken pieces, Making them just like new. I can’t bring everyone to Jesus,No matter how hard I try.Not everyone sees His perfect loveThrough their own imperfect eyes. I can’t make everyone take backThe mean things they have said.The bullying, racism and teasing,“Why don’t you just drop dead?” “Go jump off of a bridge,” one person says to another. The victim looks up, with tears in his eyes, At his own addiction-ridden mother. These problems in this world todayVary from me to you.For example, you could be suffering deeply,And I wouldn’t have a clue. Women get dressed-up, ready to go,Then look in the mirror, give up and say no.They look at their bodies with utmost disgust,And see wrinkles and fat, making such a fuss.If only we, as women, could truly feelAs beautiful as a model. But models don’t eat many meals.Women believe they must be skinny, not too fat.Well, I say, no more of that! Ladies, eat what you want, veggies or meat!Sweeten it up with all the cake you can eat! Let nobody forbid you, no ifs, ands or buts.Put yourself on the street, and you go and you strutYour stuff with all the pride you can gather. Would you do this, or would you ratherSuffer in silence in the hands of a manLetting him abuse you like only he can. Or how ‘bout your children in the foster care centerThe result of not being good parents to him or her?These epidemics in this world today Must stop, or else we’ll all be carried awayBy Big-Brother-type robots or fictitious creatures,Anthropomorphic animals with the most horrible features. Dystopia aside, here’s another problem I think you should see.The long-running fast-food epidemic of obesity.Like I said before, eating well is great.But eating too much can make you inflateTo unhealthy sizes, and soon death awaitsThose who could not control their increasing weight.What’s worse is the people who make funOf those unfortunate enoughTo have very little, even none. Even though they’re not rich in possessions,They are loved by all,But sometimes their expressions Can show what they hide,Like depression or anxiety, Mental disorders gnawing their insides. We have to be kind to those who are slow,Or who don’t look like us or can’t say hello. Yet another problem within our globeIs the problematic breaching of our cell phones.We hold these square computers in our hands, Letting them lead us to far-away lands.We stare at their screens twenty-four seven.Not looking up till we’re entering Heaven. We let them distract us from having deep conversationsWith the people we have known for many generations. If we put our phones down and see what’s in front, Maybe this poem wouldn’t be as blunt. Another thing we should shy awayFrom is the social media that Makes our lives go astray.Likes, comments, upvotes, tweetsHate-liking a post of someone’s next eat.Expensive vacations, family photos,Never-ending selfies with your rotating beaus. When will it end? Once you hit post,You feel the relentless need to boastAbout your adorable puppy or hot new mate,Or whatever you can do in order to feel great. A wave of endorphins pass through our brainWhen we put up a selfie, looking all vain. It is true we must love ourselves whole,But so many selfies can take its toll! One thing that should not be shownIs the vast amount of guns you own.It’s fine if you just keep one or twoIn order to not be beaten black and blueBy the criminal waiting in all his vigorTo kill you and your family with one pull of the trigger.So, with all of these societal issues in light,We should all try our hardest to fightThe oppression that comes with just being human. I know that I can, and you canBe left with a word of advice.When it comes to others, think twice! I take back my answer from the very first stanza.If I could change this world, it’d be an extravaganzaOf people saying kind things to each other, treating them nicely.This world would be amazing, almost to a T. I may not be able to change hypocrites, But I’ll bring about change as I see fit.With this poem, I think I would agreeThat change in this world begins with me.   

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