Social Media

Social media is the worlds imagination.

You can be anything you want.

Doctor, nurse, rapper, singer, model...those are the most popular.

All you need is a few followers.

Followers? Oh, those are just people that you'll probably never meet.

They'll have you competing with yourself, someone you'll never defeat.


Have we gotten to the point where we are afraid to be ourselves?

Using social media as a veil to be something else.

Do you not think you're enough?

Why don't you think you're enough?

When will you get tired of putting on this front?


Who am I kidding, I've fell into the trap.

Letting social media control my life.

Living through other people and wishing I was as popular.


Wanting the world to know my name.

I want the "fame".


Wait, is this a game?


I can be just like him...Or her...maybe them.


I'll be a rapper!

No, singer

Eh...I really can't sing


How about a poet?

Not for the fame, but to help change the game.

Show the world what Columbus is really about.

Not clubbing and hosting parties.

All that is just screams and shouts.


...But that's where all the fame is...

...Wait, this is a game...

This game is not for me.


Let me get back to MY life.

Work, school, study then sleep...Repeat.

Continue to focus on myself, I know I can't be beat.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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