Social Media

Sadness creeps in

Happiness is produced

Anger tries to win

Happiness is produced

Tears reach my shirt

Smiles are shown

Profanity is spurt

Smiles are shown

Mechanical Actions

Painless Reactions

Do what’s expected

No complications

Or hesitations

No emotions

Only notions

Is it logical?

Who knows.

Is it presentable?

That’s what they want presented at the table.

 A beautiful turkey perfectly basted

But no one tells you how awful it tasted.

A portrait filled with joy and smiles

Though most haven’t spoken for a while

Lies displayed on Facebook pages

Though most have nearly lost their wages

Where’s the logic?

Where’s the magic?

Lies being spread

So thin it’s crumpled the bread

You see a delicious sub

I see a painted thug

They receive unlimited compliments

But where are the condiments?

Talent has vanished

Manners have relinquished

Education gone

Meaningless songs

Bedroom talk in excess

Do morals even exist?

Reality is staged

Books are never read page for page

They’re skimmed like milk

And won’t give you bulk

It’ll just destroy your hope.


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