Social media.

The narcissists constantly post incessantly about their compulsion,

receiving many "likes" has become somewhat of an obsession,

keeping an immodest eye on the world icon for a notification,

their ego's given a fix with self seeking validation and affection.

They post a quibbling political meme to elicit conversation,

their motives come from a fault finding right wing orientation,

just another censorious attack on the current administration,

people see thru their rhetoric and intention, it has no foundation.

Some people solemnly boast about their religious denomination,

proudly sharing a well meaning post with a biblical quotation,

when they get an Amen, they must feel some kind of spiritual elation,

and going to church on Sunday's to partake in transubstantiation.

Conspiracy theories abound the web causing ignorant confusion,

asinine minds proposing inane conjecture with no authentication,

clearly these unread people are in need of some proper education,

for the informed and scientifically minded they provide much exasperation.

Many people are afraid the Government will take away their guns and ammunition,

patriotically and loudly proclaiming its their right, it says so in the constitution,

I suppose they need their assault rifles for personal protection,

to defend themselves and their families from attacks is their justification.

Personal opinions on social issues are provided for open discussion,

sometimes its just an individuals tirade for public consumption and ventilation,

an open invitation to all on their friends list to join in on the discussion,

participating in these subjective deliberations is not my predilection.

Social media and networking can have their positive admissions,

some aspects of this experience have led to some intellectual regressions,

in my view, it affords myself with an entertaining distraction and education,

to end this avocation, give us a like or a comment to show your appreciation.

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Our world


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