Sober Minded

My head aches, my Heart aches, damn these heart aching pains of mine. Im going through hell, No one knows what im going through. This pain of mine it's tearing me apart, but I've found joy, nothings been the same. I'm trying I truly am. Trying not to be that everyday drunk but damn its hard to turn down that bottle, hoping hopfully everyday is a better day,

Damn its easy to hide behind a smile; a lot better than telling how I feel cause damn I don't know how to put my emotions into words.
Well damn these heartaches can fade away everday after each bottle, its harder an harder to keep a smile nowadays ecpecilly one thats truly genuine

But its a lot easier to be Quite an just throw on a fake smile.
Wish i can turn back time,
This mind of mine is racing an im losing this race,

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