Mon, 04/04/2016 - 19:01 -- Aviha17

A Book of Dreams

A dance of happiness
With a foot of magic in the air
Make sure the mind is erect
Honest words must flow
With self belief their is will
Allow forgivness to wollow in your vains

Mortality is poisoned with grudge
Stagnance stands in Zeal's way
He holds his spear to her neck letting her know "You will not pass"
Internal war arises
Who will win, Right or Wrong

Turning the page the black ravens wings are now white
It seems the Angel has repaired its wounded heart
Giving it the power to fly high again

Soaring beyound the skies
It lands on Mt. Olympus
There it meets beings like no other
King Solice, Queen Honesty, Prince Faith and Princess Serenity
The Land of Eternal Praise was their sanctuary
It is the there the White swan now lived

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