So Why Do You Think That


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You think that because I’m a girl I can’t play in the dirt
I have to play Barbie dolls and wear frilly pink skirts
You think because he’s a boy he can’t love to dance
And do ballet and love movies of romance
You think because I’m smart I have to be treated differently
That a student’s worth is defined by their ability,
To do work and nothing more,
That someone who finds school to be a bore,
And just sits and draws everyday
Can’t have success that way
And who says we all have to go to school
Then go to college cuz that’s the rule
Shaping us all to be the same
Because it’s all part of your twisted game,
That you use us to make you look good
Doing what you feel we should
But if god wanted us all to be the same exact
He would have done it himself and that’s just fact
Since when does failing math mean you’re not smart
Maybe history is your subject English music or art
It’s sad that for a student who in every class has an A,
Has all the stress and pressure in the world to keep that way,
Because their expectations are way to advanced,
And their looking to the top and not giving others a chance
Pushing them with college information
Like it’s an obligation,
To not only be as good
But to be better than they ever thought you could
And who said they could tell us what to weigh
That is not up to them to say
We should be encouraged to be who we are
Trying to change us is taking it way too far
We have no creativity
One at a time taking away natural our liberty
What happened to the days when we were five
And they encouraged our creativity and freedom to stay alive
And now Instead of letting us soar like eagles in the sky
We are birds with clipped wings so that we can never fly

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