So What Our President is Black

So what our president is black
Expectations grew higher the a heaven gates
Democrats became elated because it was no longer a debate that our President is black
Yea he might have a skin of a negro but he is still one of them
He might have hair of wool but he still thinks like them
How can you turn a conspiracy into a strategic plan to help our country?
Just like the previous presidents he left the ghetto cold and hungry
Niggas still getting slayed, drug dealers still getting paid 
and females still learning skills where they head lays.
Talking about No Child Left Behind, We still getting abandoned and we still getting neglected 
Doesn’t matter what’s on our resume because we still get rejected
Niggas still leaving their kids, teens still getting pregnant, 
sex education has failed our society, so we never get tested. 
No therapy for the adolescents that getting molested, 
so the cycle repeats its until someone interjects it.
Young boys still getting harassed and their faces still getting battered
Justice is never served so innocence don’t matter
I thought he was sharing the wealth? It damn sure never reached my hood 
name one thing he did solely for the BLACKS that was good.
Dreams being crushed because we can’t afford to go to school, 
drop out and learn a trade is what they forcing us to do.
They say we ain’t nothing more than talent, because intelligence skipped our genes 
and still no opportunities so we take them by any necessary means. 
It’s a dog eat dog world and Obama ain’t a good ref, 
We still slaves in America because racism never left.
Our government is corrupted our country is in disguise
Our society has been destructed as we eat those delicate lies
Hopes springing high but the truth brings us back to reality 
So we need to get out of that “our president is black” mentality


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