So small, So fragile

Wed, 11/29/2023 - 18:46 -- Sadgalz

So small and so fragile, One hard push and you break into a million pieces. 

So small im able to overpower with ease, I step on you and look down with a cold gaze, I become you're personal bully I have the power here after all I am bigger and stronger.

So why?

Why as im standing on you clearly in control with you underneath me...Im the one who feels the fear start to overtake my body followed by sobs.

Oh, I know why.

In reality 

You've always had the power, You've always had the control the control over ME everything I do is to keep YOU satisfied. Every action of everyday is so that I can look down at you and not feel the overwelming dread that follows. 

So small and So fragile, But so much power and control...

I really hate my scale. 

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