So Much More

Umm, are you loving the feeling of tantalizing my soul
Under the covers our bodies entwining, infusing, desire uncontrolled
Passion contoured, twisting, feelings sinking, my essence consoled
Laying under a masterful thief as you’re blissfully raid my treasured pot of gold
Imagination of desires captivating, releasing endorphins of the brains
Spent, sent, and sedated in the mist of my soft rain
Pleasure behind the hard thrust leaving me breathless
Intoxicated off the domination of your thrusting obsess
Lovers come lovers go
What do they know
I never did like the cold
They’re not there when you’re holding me
Eyes cannot see the power behind the absence of needs
They’re not there when my soul is bared
Feelings alive, heartbeats echoed with care
They’re not there when my mind says its right
Bodies on fire now in a celestial flight
Pleasing my inner soul throughout the night
Holding me tighter when storms have an unfavorable plight
Touch softer than a dream could ever compare
I sweetly declare
Oh God, it’s so much more, so much more
Famished off an acquired taste for
I never knew a touch could mean so much
Feelings genuine, so surreal
In the height of attunement, when the mind, body, and heart passionately spill
Oh God it’s so much more, so much more

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