So Low

Why am I so low?

Hanging around the ghetto 

My mind is an endzone 

Showin thins to me that ain't to be shown 

Feeling so self conscious

I am going nauseous

Watching sevy on the wire

I wish I felt higher 

I know I shouldn't be walking down this way

Focused on sex instead of learnin excess

I feel so alone

Do I have to be a clone?

All yellin and stressed like my mami

Ed Online Anatomy

I am headin into insanity

Senior Year is close at hand 

Leaving another comfort land

Manana scheduled to see some associates

Trying to tie me down in stiches

Bleeding anxiety to please the cheese

Seeing nothin but a killing gator

My mind is a national debator

I earn nothin but haters 

Oh well I am a Slayer.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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