So I Wrote

I was quiet. 
I was small. 
I was weak. 


I had a heart of paper and a mind that couldn't seem to stop going
Thought after thought after thought
Purple fear, yellow hope, green ideas 


But when I tried to speak, I was never loud enough to be heard.
So I lingered in the background


I had the words to say what I thought, what I felt
But I didn't have the voice
The charisma
And sometimes, the courage


But there were times when I so desperately wanted for someone to hear me
The thoughts in my head 
The feelings in my heart 
So I wrote


Black ink spilled color everywhere
Messy handwriting on wide rule paper turned to posts online
One person reading my work turned to many
I stood on piles of my own words


I was loud
I was big
I was strong


But there were others I saw who still lacked the voice
Silenced by a society who would not hear
Who sometimes wouldn't even look  
So I wrote


I had the words to say what they thought, what they felt
I could write about the injustices they faced
I could write about their moments of joy 
I could write for the voiceless 


So I wrote 
So I write
So I will write

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