So Forward I Move

On a winding path I wander

Ahead of me I see a mixture of light and dark

Because born of sadness, joy is

Branches whack me in the face

Roots shooting from the ground try to trip me

My sack weighs as much as I,

And a chain attached to my heart continuously pulls

Trying to bring me back home

To turn back to familiarity will surely be my demise

Curiously forward into the unknown is the only way

Not everybody is happy

But nor am I

My own happiness is above all

If I must fight to get it

I will fight

So forward I move

Nothing gets easier

But closer to the next step I get

Closer to my own destiny,

My own fate,

I grow

So forward I move

Because I have no desire to turn back

No hankering to pick up the shackles that once defined me

They still leave their marks,

But no longer overtake me

So forward I move

The road continues to wind

The lights surrounding continue to be blurry and broken every once in a while

But I continue to move forward

On my own path

Moving in my own direction 

Because it's my life
This poem is about: 
Our world


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