Snow Drifts & Sand Dunes

Snow drifts and Sand dunes

are impossibly the same.

Delusion and dissolution

set in as you walk through the endless

sea of mind boggling infinity.


The mind works the same way

as you wander aimlessly through thought.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Thoughts half formed still fully exist,

like the ever growing dunes and drifts


As the snow piles up, the thoughts 

seem impossible to overcome.

And as you climb the next dune, 

and the next dune, and the next dune,

there always seems to be another one.


With landscape never ending,

it’s confusing to even wonder

if I’ve been walking in circles for hours

or if I've made progress through this blunder


I seem to be going nowhere,

though I've changed from hot to cold

fire to ice, sunburn to frostbite

— its all the same


My thoughts grow more intense.

Squalls and Sandstorms. Anger and Fear.

I wonder through the wilderness,

and wander through my mind.

I can no longer make sense of anything.

— its all the same


I search for an oasis or a hot spring

as a resting place for my brain.

But the storms grow more aggressive

and the path grows more unclear.

My final distorted thought

is to stop the journey,

End the fight.

Because nature is relentless.


But as I realize this there is a sudden calm, quick change 

and I find the oasis in which to rest

the hot spring in the midst of the tundra

My mind slows and steadies.

The trouble all along,

was the thought that I could overcome

nature but I’m now certain I was wrong


to fight destiny is useless

there is a plan for us all

so let it be

and you'll find peace

among the sandstorms and the squalls

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