Snap Because


Because of your maze without light

Don’t forget why i hate used books and broken pencils

Another day for nickels and dimes

Another day of why the corner is dry

Red as my worst nightmares

So i paint my sorrows black feel some power

But not the one that dictators holds

Realease of missles and nuclear experiments

Congratulations, your a monkey in a bikini suit

Where paradise is death valley

And hot models walk in dark alleys.

How come wounds never say I love you

I guess stitches hurt

Like words from your best hero

Happy, shortchange, depressed

with missing teeth to chew

on dreams to spit solutions.

But that 1% will never end

the lost of calcium because

they got milk.

Cheese bread and crumbs.

So take care when nothing

was the same and thank

me later when I’m in

my october fall. Just hope

people remember winter  and

my cold heart joy

Lord of the hate and fairy tales

Break walls when your in a box

I wish this was a love note

It’s not, I am for who i am because

I draw black heroes.

Why they stay in the

dark. It’s because you dream

for regrets

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this poem is awesome and the line about broken pencils and used boks remind me of the school system and how it is corrupted

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