The Snail


United States
35° 39' 47.2068" N, 78° 40' 46.5024" W

(poems go here)Sails are slow.
An animal so small,
A status so low,
In a kingdom of all…

Living beings see them
Every once in a while
The slightest of movements
Will make you smile.

They see your speed,
How quickly you go
But the fastest of snails
Still moves slow.

They know their days,
Take their time
A day in their life,
Brings peace of mind.

Unlike you, they stop,
Smell the roses.
Living in peace
Beneath your noses.

But if you were as slow as they
Nothing could be accomplished these days
So if you take one look around
You'll see few snails
Roam these grounds

You may see a few
Still keeping up!
But who knows?
Maybe a stroke of luck.

Since the day I’ve come out of my shell
I see that I am a snail as well.
Taking life on
One step at a time
Enjoying the life
That I call mine.


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