Smudged Marks


Flattering filter, are you my mirror?

You change the colors of the Illuminating illustrated image eliminating identity.


Just like you…

Theres no crayon that can reflect the imperfect complexion of my skin.

You cannot cover up the poverty that injured me physically.

Young child without shoes.

Opened skull like the familiar old streets of civil war.

The deepest red the iris of my eyes had viewed.

Now the deepest mark visible to all whom cannot put a filter to the natural truth.

Do you hear me if you’re my mirror?

When the wind is paralyze and stress drags me by the eyes.

I am choked by agony, words are killed and tears released.

Reflections of a man who's hand has left me behind.

Ive walked into the darkest room where I feel blue.

“Oh...Why do I feel so alone?”

Ive carried so much pain on my own, but like a Tootsie Pop,

“The world may never know!”

I simply do not need you.

I’ll chase the late train to the brightest future.

Future with the only real mirror that will have no filter as it knows…

Falling was the case that harmed my face, but empowered me to be forgiving

To understand we all need faith.


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