Enclosed by my transgressions,

Fighting to see the light of day,

Hallowed by my inequity,

Going to bed in dismay.


Smothered by my emotions,

Wondering how could this be,

One day I wake up feeling happy,

The next I become smothered by my inequity.


How could the just feel so low,

Being hammered with dispair,

How could the wayward be lifted up,

In the king's high chair.


How can the poor be left with any,

While the rich man drowns with plenty.

As generations past day by day,

I go to bed in grief, sadness and dismay.


Smothered by the load,

I try to lift off my brother's back,

Trying to build the kindness,

That each of our generations lack.


If you ask me how I consider,

The work I do each day,

I'll answer like a seed,

That needs water by the people of today.


Smotherd by their emotions,

Wondering how could this be,

In their day they woke up feeling happy,

Now their watching their generation fall miserably.


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