Bleed on the street;

mix it with concrete

pave the blood on the road

let it spill from the heart

as it corrodes from the start

and soon enough

there will be only a hole

and the blood will run smooth

as empty as your soul

stain the sidewalks red

like the cherries on the trees

as smooth as the words they paint on keys

forever will this city smell of mackeral

as fishy as his intentions

so smooth his blood on the hot asphalt 


in the middle of July

in this nowhere town

mash his organs into a paste and

sew him into the sidewalk so you

can spit on his face

smooth his blood from sunrise to sunset

so everyone can get a chance to step on him

like he stepped on us

I'll get off watching bus by bus roll by

and I'll walk on the sidewalk

as smooth as the words you once spoke in a lie.


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