A Smiling Face

It was around the holidays

and I was flipping through the channels,

until I spotted a familiar face.

It was Samantha Bee hosting her Christmas comedy special 

bringing awareness to a harsh reality.


Children in cages at the border,

refugees risking their lives to seek asylum,

a nation divided,

fingers pointing in every direction except at ourselves,

and yet, it was a tale of hope.


She spoke to a woman named Elizabeth Cavazos,

who volunteers her time and energy 

towards helping refugees recently arriving in America.

Dignity hanging by a string, they walk into the bus station

and are greeted by her smiling face,

welcoming them with open arms.


Such a simple act of kindness

melted my heart like a Dali painting.


It was then that I decided I wanted to be a social worker

who will devote her career to helping immigrants and refugees.

Like Elizabeth, I want to be a safe haven

even if it means I will be a fish swimming upstream.


Someday soon, I will make my way to the border, 

just like my ancestors made their way to America

from the sandy shores of Puerto Rico. 

With my head held high

and using the language I thought I’d long forgotten, 

I will find my voice.

I will make my grandmother proud.


No one should suffer alone 

in a society where we crave human connection.

Somewhere along the line though,

we’ve become desensitized. 

A wall has been built,

and I will help tear it down. 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



My heart is with you. Thank you. See you at the Border

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