Smiles and Happy Thoughts


United States
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I live life full of smiles and happy thoughts
It makes me wonder what are behind these thoughts and smiles
The other day I nearly died of laughter
But why did I laugh so much?
My friend asked me the other day, "Don’t you get tired of smiling all day?"
And I thought; why not smile like there’s no tomorrow.
We should smile because we breath the fresh air of nature
We should smile because we all have one person who cares.
We should smile because it is the right thing to do
We should smile because the mistakes the corrupt people have done will be fixed and solved
I take advantage of my blessed life and remember I have a life that most people could never imagine living
Through the racism, the violence, the hatred this world offers, many people have lost hope
But being bitter will not bring a solution, but bringing a smile to the problem may bring hope.
So here I am living life full of smiles and happy thoughts.



A poem about bringing peace into this world by just simply taking baby steps and smiling.

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