A smile, A Wave, A Nod

A smile, a wave, a nod.

I walk along the walls of a crowded hallway.

Familiar faces greet me day by day with

A smile, a wave, a nod.

I react back with a

A smile, a wave, a nod.

I physically respond with joy.

But internally, I am stressed, worried, and mentally beaten.

First, my brain is overloaded.

Then my head.

Different contents travel from one place to another throughout my miniature brain.

Later, I am sitting at my desk, speechless.

My whole body is still except for the inside.

There are cabinets and folders of papers flying around in my head.

There is too much internally,

Meaning no room for any physical capacity.

The abundance of stress, the worries, the worn out brain is unknown for the public.

For me,

I just try to get through the day with

A smile, a wave, a nod.

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