Smile For Me And For You


How are you today

I am great

Are you?

You show a smile

I think you look nice with it

I don't think you know how beautiful you are

I know

I'm smart

But in my own way



But I am better at reading a persons face

Are they sad?


When I cry in public

I dislike how others crowd me telling me it's okay

I know it is

That's why I don't cry in front of others

Let alone cry

I smile

Because I know that that is how I can make others smile back

It's instinct

I enjoy smiling

I hate to hurt

And I don't let others hurt me

I'm too smart to

If you know what I mean

I am not depressed

I am almost never mad

I can be frustrated

I can be sad

But I am always happy

I will always smile

Will you?

Will they?

I hope so

I really do

If you smile at me

I will always smile back at you

Are you feeling okay?

Emotionally I mean

I feel fine

Do you?

I think you are

But then again

Maybe your not

Who am I to Judge

I'm just a watcher

A sympathizer

A smiler

A fighter

Are you?

If not

Try harder

I know you can


I am trying to smile at you now

All you need to do

Is smile back at me

It's easier than you think

Trust in me


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