Smile, Laugh, & Cry

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 19:22 -- Audrea

I smile,

For you bring joy to my life,

Take away the pain,

That leaves me nothing to gain.

I Laugh,

The funy faces you make,

The giggles you bake,

That sadness you take.

I cry,

Do you feel the same,

If not, is it me you blame,

I just feel so lame.

But I smile,

The compliments that you give,

The way that you live,

My mistakes that you forgive.

And I laugh,

Lay with you under the sun,

Run around and have some fun,

Steal your nose and run.

And I cry,

Do I deserve your kindness,

I'm lost, i'm mindless,

And weak with sadness.

I do not smile,

Instead I sleep for a while.

I do not laugh,

Serious topic on our behalf.

I do not cry,

You say you love me,

It's not a lie, 

And because I love you I can and will,

Smile, laugh, and cry.


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