Small things to make you think no.3

It's not as if I'm scared...No, not at all. 

It's more that I am worried. Worried about the lies spewed so daintily from the mouths of the typical human being.

We realise our lives mean nothing in comparison to those of higher power; those who have their names etched into stone, from their useless acts in life, the venom dripping from their gaping maws, maws that beg for a better world, no words to prove the theory, no, only the very heart of their existence paying debt to us who pay ransom.


this has no copyright, please share your feelings about our world, feel free to.

If people can turn their backs on children so easily, prove them wrong, tell them to spin the heck around and listen to what we have to say, we're not just stupid kids that know nothing!

We are the wisdom of the future, WE should be standing in Parliament, not those cockerels who are only there to ruffle feathers and blind us with feigned truths, and fictitious promises of a wronged future of happiness.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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