Small things

I awake to my alarm another day of work lies ahead

I begin to creep out of bed and hear your quiet morning voice

Asking me for coffee half asleep, I don’t hesitate

Light cream and 3 sugars

I know just how you like it

Because I love you.

I go to the mall to find a new sweater

As I rummage through the racks I spot socks across the aisle

Recalling the day before when you could not find a single pair that fit

I walk out of the store with no new sweater and 12 new socks

Because I love you.

You have a dream to become a Professional Fireman.

You train, study, and dedicate your whole life to others

Yesterday a car accident, today a fire, tomorrow we have yet to know.

I admire your dream as it creates a man of strength and compassion.

I have faith in your love for others and know there is no one better than you

To save me from life.

I will always support you

Because I love you.

The tones go off, A structure fire.

You run and grab your gear

And as you begin to run out the door I yell, “Hey!” never knowing what could happen to you next

I cherish every moment

Because I love you.

You pause at the sound of my voice and swiftly run back to me

gently placing a kiss upon my lips

Because you love me too.

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