The Small Moments Keep Me Sane

They call it depression

To me, it’s reactions to life.

You can’t judge when I cry,

Life is brimming with strife.

Sometimes the depth of despair,

Can fill your heart with fear.

So I’ve learned to measure life,

By the small things I hold dear.

See, each weight in the world,

Can be lessened with some light.

If you learn to open up,

Small pleasures help the fight,

Against, emptiness, failure

Sadness and pain.

Stop looking toward the future,

And what you might gain.

Instead, inhale deeply

The new day’s clear air.

And admire the bright colors,

The sun painted so fair.

Sing loudly and freely,

In the car, windows down.

Feel the grass beneath your feet,

Explore new places in town.

Taste your morning coffee,

And revel in quiet bliss.

Share a long embrace,

With a person you’ve missed.

It’s silly sometimes,

How negative we can be,

When the world around us

Offers so much positivity.

There are times, yes,

When we just have to cry.

But please don’t stay down,

Let laughter have a try

At resolving these sorrows

So temporary and fleeting.

Embrace the world around you,

Can’t you feel your heart beating.

Quickly and ready,

To forgive and forget.

Live in the now

Don’t harbor regrets.

Why think of yesterday,

Or waste time on tomorrow?

Time is a gift,

And all of ours is borrowed.

So laugh, dance, love,

Venture out, be free!

The world may be scary,

But that will never stop me.


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Our world


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