Small Enough to Matter

In a town

On a street

In a house

On a sheet


Was a box

Like a tree

Into which

Went a key


In the box

Was a thing

And below

Lived a king


And the king

was in love

With the thing

From above


He would sit

All alone

On his tiny

Little throne


But one day

He was told

The thing above

Fancies gold


To the forest

Ran the king

To find

A golden ring


In the forest

was a stone

And on top

There it shown


Shining in the sun

He ran to the ring

At last! At last!

Shouted the king


And with the ring

Ran the king 

Back to the thing

In the box 

Like a tree

On the sheet

In the house

On the street

In the town

Where the thing

and the king

Got married


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