Slow Dance?

I am sitting in a chair, thinking of your words, knowing that it wasn't going to be, so this time I know that I would be lonely. I walk into the room and the time passes by, I soon begin to forget... then the song comes on, and i see you far away from where I stand, I look at you and I know that it will be 'no,' but would you slow dance with me? I started to sawy, when i heard the melody play, but I'm still sitting alone, watching people dance, and you're not even here. I dreamed I would see you across the room, you'd walk up unexpectedly, and you would whisper, 'Would you slow dance with me?' So I fall into a dream, where you're danceing with me, but I am brought back too... reality, you're not here dancing with me. I'm back to where I am, sitting in a chair, when I hear a slow song play, but then I see you right in front of me, like you were always there. You take my hand, and pull me in close as we start to sway, and you are slow dancing with me.


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