Sloppy Seconds

Sloppy Seconds

wine, dine & sixty nine
she was dressed to impress that night

sporting long vicious hanging fangs that fright
we came this far not to turn back now

cooling at the bar then chilling in my car
soup up body kit & a hot bod that wouldn't quit

see back in the day I used to pray
today in the hood it doesn't come out that way

listening to old school tunes of Heavy D & the Boys
Now That We Found Love

today the heads are always looking for a fight
like wrestling to the acid drop

flip flops body drops & getting chased by the cops
I'm still chrome in the zone flipping channels

tied up with knots when there's a dozen of pots in my sink
can't even think to dismiss this earthly bliss in a time well spent in thought

I don't know why when you find yourself buried in the lonely ground
still I play on this one string that I have been dealt

like watching as the ice cream melts
now sadness fills my eyes does this come at a big surprise

She was once a virgin now many men have had here
stretched forth her legs with a stench inside

now she makes her living down at Tony's Bar & Grill
with cheap thrills in the back of the room

still when I'm inside she has no where to hide
taking me on a fast rollercoaster ride

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