Slipping Away

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 00:14 -- azon84


I can feel myself slipping away.

I radiate a feeling of despair,

I want, I strive, I long, I fear, 

Can I, will I get better,

Or will this hell be forever?

I was once normal, happy as any other boy,

But life wouldn't allow me to have joy.

I was chosen to suffer,

I fight a losing battle every day.

I cry out "I need someone, please!"

Nobody hears, nobody sees this consuming disease.

I can feel myself slipping away,

No longer do I reach out to others.

Hope is a cruel joke, a thing of deceit,

I fall deeper every day, I'm obsolete.

Life is endless blackness and filled with hate.

I know it's wrong but death sounds great.

So now the choice is there, what do I do.




This is really good! I know how you feel in this one.. Hope you're still writing!



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