slice of lives

A day of joy was for all

From the past days of toils


A happy day it was for him

Seeing her and shake handsin fear


Joy others had

Parading parades with screams


Afraid was she giving the speech

Screams got she finally from some pride seeker


Finally the winners announced

Receiving it with glee


He met her

Sad was she


On the scolds she got

He tried to console


Crowds near on cheer

And others near watching the two


He having a little something for her to give

Sparkled her eyes on sight of it


Frightened was she to receive it

She was called by someone


Back of them

He too was feared


But had a bit of courage

And she was on a hurry to leave


On the sadness of screams she got

Which made her face dull


Sad was he

Followed her back


Calling her

Even when distractions near


Out she went

Out went he too


Though joy was of his fellowmen

Cause of the victory they succeeded


Sad was he for failing

Sad was she too


When a time of joy near

A time of sadness follows too


Sadly they left

While his fellowmen enjoying behind


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