Sleepy Face

Thu, 10/29/2015 - 03:42 -- Bavism

Sleepy FaceAnd that's when I realized it was you. I couldn't help but stare at the sleeping face that was lying across my chest, picturing the deep chocolate brown eyes that twinkled when he grinned. I smiled just thinking about it. As I stroked your hair trying to put you to a deeper sleep I finally felt at peace thinking how far I've come and that moment couldn't have gotten better. Because he was gone but Then there was you. They asked me to write down how I felt about you but the paper remained blank. Because not in my wildest dreams would I think there would be yet another boy to leave me speechless, my mind a mess and my heart worse. They told me I'd find a second love and for so long I didn't believe them, what did they know? They had no idea how I had felt about my first how dare they tell me that I'd find someone who gave me those feelings. But they were wrong, I didn't find someone who gave me those same feelings. I found someone who gave me more, someone who excelled my every expectation, who gave me butterflies instead of bruises. If I had the chance I'd spend every waking second with him, even the countless days spent with him aren't enough, I learn something new about him every day. The way he has no secrets, an open book, how his eyes cloud when he's upset and he becomes silent, but how when he's excited his entire body lights up and he just showers you with affection and how his smile is contagious even in the shittiest of situations. Idk I guess I'm writing this to the people who think they won't love again, and how there will never be another person who gave them as much as they once had because there will be another person, you will fall in love again and it will be just as good if not better than your first. It'll be okay I promise,because for such a long time I thought of how it'd never get better and I'd always love that stupid boy, but staring into your sleepy face I knew I'd fallen in love with you.  


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