sleepless nights

As I lay alone in the dark

I cant get you off of my mind

I am drowned in your unconditional love

And the feeling I get while Im by you

brightens my mood 

And strengthens me 

With you I am stong

And I remember who I am

And though I lose sleep

I know you are dreaming of me while you sleep

You cute innocent sleeping face on your pillow

Never fails to make me smile

For I trust that if you are here for me

Ill never be alone

No matter how far away I am

Because you are just a phone call away

I love you

And I pray every night that 

Youll never leave me 

For you are more than enough for me

And I dont want you to go

And though the distance is hard

I fall harder for you when Im back in your arms

For your warmth keeps me going

And I want nothing more

And as long as God watches over us

We cant fail

For we are meant to be together

Forever till the ends of time

Time and distance will never stop my love for you

For my heart is filled with joy and happiness

When Im with you

When I look into your eyes

I see the love you have for me

And Ill never give that up

Ill never give up

And if I have to cross an ocean for you

Then It will be worth it

As long as one day

I can get down on one knee 

And ask you to spend the rest of your life

With me

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