A Sleepless Night

  Fatigue and pain lure me to the bleached white hospital bed.All of my joints creak like a rusty swing set, I limp over, and throw myself on the bed.I stare at the clock,My mind says,It’s much too early to sleep.But my body disagrees.This feud makes me lie still as a rock and stare up at the ceiling.Hours pass, and the attending nurse comes to make her hourly rounds.She rushes back out,The door slams shut behind her with a bang.I sit up, and push the blankets off of me,Every part of my being is in flames.I gently place my feet on the cold ground,And push myself onto my feet. I walk over to the window,The buildings come alive,The lights dance.I stare down all 7 stories of the unfeeling building,Drops of water flow from my eyes.I clench the glass window with white knuckles.I know I have to be strong,Because being strong is my only choice I have, If I have any chance of beating this into the ground;And getting the life back that it stole from me. 

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