Sleeping with a Habit

Sleeping with a Habit


In the morning we joke and thank the world that there is only one of you.

But between the silence, conversations are like walking on eggshells, overwhelmed and compelled to tell the hell that I’ve seemed to shelf.

The words “I’m okay” seem to be an echo spilling over your lips as the poison plummets to the pit of your stomach.

Do you feel better now?

Now that the love of your life’s heart has become guarded and hard from the way you’ve dealt your cards?

You’ve told me once that if ever given the option you’d pick that over me every time.

Am I with you to fulfill a chapter for the time being in the sad book of yours called “Life”?

I’ve become so jaded, elated, frustrated, waiting for you to change it…


At night it can be a problem when there’s two of me.

But then again maybe the other one of me knows how to get through to you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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