Sleeping Beauty


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Sleeping Beauty

I've been criticized and ostracized by society, going to sleep every night maintaining my own dignity. I wake up the next morning with much assurance that  I am who I'm destined to be, building a foundation out of hope and misery for my succes that is bound to happen in which I continue to see in my dreams as I sleep, sleeping beauty.

My past has been forgotten ny me. Memories do not show up in my dreams, for I disabled them a long time ago when I relaized they wouldn't make or break me. I sleep through most of the negativity, ackowledging my competentence in an incompetent society. My beloging is not anyone else's; I've established my own awareness for the foolishness that surrounds me even when I am asleep, sleeping beauty.

My hope comes from my long hours of sleeping without caring about the wherabouts of the negativity that will soon sieze me when I awake. Furthermore, I have embellished my nightmares of never being accepted for who I truly am and hopefully when I awake from my own destiny, I can be good to others as we shall all be good to eachother despite what others might think or say when we awake. Don't lose any sleep over negatvity, embrace in positivity and understand that you'll never be accepted by the entire world. Sleep beautifully in your own world and sure enough you'll be another sleeping beauty.


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