Sleeper's Wake


United States
47° 36' 54.8892" N, 122° 20' 59.082" W

"But Mom, you're dead," When you meet in your dreams.

Your eyes begin welling, hot and wet at the seams.

For a moment in time, in a dream's snug deceit,

thin, smokey angels hold you in sleep

The aching, the grey years, dissolving away.

For a miracle, your one wish, was granted today.

So much to tell her after all she's missed.

"You feel different," giving her forehead a kiss.

How could this be? Sleepy logic sets in.

So you hold on tighter, against nature you'll win.

The warmth of daybreak stirs your repose

Give her one last squeeze before she must go.

You feel the old heartbreak disappear out your spine.

But your tears bring you back to your bed just in time.


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