Sleep Stands as a Blessing

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 20:37 -- apryl55

Irony plagues my motive for choosing to wake.

For rather than snoozing, productivity offtakes.

For learning oozes a chance for me to break

From my snooze; sleep I am able to shake.


Beaming with the desire to learn is not the main reason to wake, for

Working hard is a supplier of satisfaction that calls for a festive night.

Taking notes eventually dim the fire that pushes me to stay awake, so

Falling into a state of tiredness encourages for an active-less night.


After a day of work, I am able to find comfort in being efficient,

For I am able to wind down from a tiresome day of thinking,

For I am able to find a stopping point for my brain that is draining,

For I am able to shine excitement on my bed that is awaiting, and

For I am able to dine with the ghost of sleep that is looming.


Being able to sleep again in a bed as soft as clouds,

I am able to fulfill my motive for waking.



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