to the sleep deprived

i feel you

you there scarfing down two muffins at 3 am

i've been you 

bloodshot zombie in the white screen light

i understand you

and the tired words your lips can't form any more

eyez bean der twoo 

i know you 

lying here waiting for the night to pass

watching the light move across the ceiling

so slow so so slow

i am you

kid with a fake face 

because you're too tired to fall apart 

and all i can tell you 

you insomniacs of the world

you daydreamers and nightpacers

i know what its like 

when its exactly 147 steps down the hall one way  

when you hop over the red stripes

then the purple

then the green

when you've counted 89 stars and a stupid cloud passes over

when you listen to the snores of everyone else sleeping peacefully

and wish you could be that innocent

that naive

that asleep.

we've all been there. 

so here's to you

the guardian angels of the clock

watching every tick

thanks to you 

we have zzzquil and netflix

thanks to you we have dark shadow remover and overachievers

thanks to you we know the extent of homeostasis 

and human boredom.

so thanks 

for making the phrase 

a long night


and a long week 

your new catchphrase.




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