Sleep Is the Awesomest

Lost in a dream world


Tumbling through the unreality

So real yet so far away


Temporarily lost in outrageous thoughts

Don't let me fall

Into the unconsciouss rythms of my heart

Beating, beating, bea-


Sometimes there's control

Sometimes control is nowhere to be found

But that's fine by me

Lost in the deepest depths of thought


Dreaming about the unknown

Subconsciouss levels of the mind are revealed

Learning things I never knew about my own heart

Beating, beating, bea-


Into the never ending waste land

I want to stay forever

Never to return to the harsh reality

Oh no, here it comes


Stop me

Dont let the reality creep into my dreams

The crushing weight of life on my heart,

Beating, beating, bea-


But that's okay

Just don't let me wake up

There is beauty in the darkness

But all good things come to an end, right?



Deepest depths

In love with the dream world

Beatinng, beating, bea-


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