Swaying branches of every color snoring whispers of the trees

Lifting heads to toss and turn with each rustle

A slight hint of almonds resonates through floorboards

The bright light of morning blaring loudly

Clocks clicking ticking flicking through the circle

Circling through deformed sheep throwing away their fur

Bur as the cold sweeps in with a whistle or two

Through the taste of crisp air you choke

You choke on morning the fast is broken with heaviness

The heaviness of two lids

So shiver as you rumble through your daily life to come back again

Again again into the darkness of red eyes

The noises of nothing screaming in your ears

Tingling stillness and flavorless breath

You are stuck here where they tell you to rest

No you are forced here where you must pretend

Your head is an airplane flying through your world

Never stopping every thought new, uninteresting

Faked laughs as you gag on your crashing limbs

Twisting turning burning shivers running away

Wake up 


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